Ottica La Barbera was founded 1837 and as a standard of tradition, professionalism and elegance, it has become the required stopover of fashion lovers concerned with the health of their eyes.

It is our dedication to service, the top quality of our products, the high technology that we employ and our long-standing experience that our costumers appreciate the most.

Located in the Galleria Alberto Sordi in the heart of Rome, Ottica La Barbera works with dedication and passion to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified and demanding clientele.

Healthy eyes at first sight!
Sight testing with the employment of the most advanced technology. Personalized counselling and assistance with sight defects and corrective lenses.

Targeted counselling and training programmes for application and removal of contact lenses. Personalized conuselling and assistance with daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly lenses for any sight defects.

Authorized retailer of the most prestigious brands and of niche products. Personalized counselling based on facial tracts and physical characteristics. Post-sale assistance. Multilingual staff.
Ottica F. La Barbera

Galleria Alberto Sordi, 57 - 58

at piazza Colonna - 00187 Rome

  +39 06 69924939

  +39 06 69924939

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